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Ludmila Amelina


Liudmila Amelina is currently an artist at the National Opera Orchestra in Chisinau, Moldova, since 1989 and a member of ensemble of contemporary music “Ars Poetica”. As a member of this foundation she participated in concerts of contemporary music in different countries such as Austria, Italy, Spain, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, Romania. She successfully combines her intensive art activity with teaching at the Academy of Music, Dance and Art, Chisinau.


In 1977 Liudmila Amelina graduated from the Sympheropol Music College as a pianist. After that she continued her music education Harikov State Institute of the Arts, Pop Music and Jazz Department, Ukraine, as “jazz and variety orchestra conducting and arrangements” major. In 1989 Liudmila graduated from the Moldavian State Conservatory as a percussion player and pedagogue.


Now Liudmila Amelina is an active and constant participant at various festivals such as “The Days of New Music”(Moldova), “Two days and nights”(Ukraine), “Donne in Musica” (Italy), “World Music Days” (Romania),  “Autumn in Moscow” (Russia), “New German Music” (Germany). As an artist of the Moldavian Opera Orchestra Liudmila has visited England, Belgium, Holland, Taiwan, Lebanon.


In 2004 Liudmila Amelina obtained a scholarship for outstanding achievements in performing arts from Soros Foundation Moldova. In 2005 she was awarded the Best Soloist Diploma of the 2004 - 2005 concert seasons in Organ Hall.


Liudmila is a participant at different kinds of experimental multimedia projects featuring modern poets, dancers and visual artists. Her repertory includes a wide range of classical, contemporary, electro-acoustic, jazz and improvised music pieces. Liudmila Amelina is an author of numerous arrangements for percussion instruments and different ensembles which include percussion instruments.